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About Juilliard Creative Classroom

Welcome to Juilliard Creative Classroom! This site is a digital repository of educational resources for working with students, ages 4–18. Our materials have been designed to enhance and supplement existing school programs around the globe. While the development of performance skills is invaluable, our materials emphasize building students’ personal artistry through their own creativity and bringing them into close contact with extraordinary works of music, dance, and drama.

Juilliard has designed teaching materials—creative activities, historical information, rehearsal strategies, and original media content—to lead students through explorations of our Core Works. One of the unique features of Juilliard Creative Classroom is the infusion of “disciplinary thinking.” The activities have been created using specific artistic practices that are authentic to each discipline, aligning students’ work with what happens in professional studios, rehearsal rooms, theaters, and concert halls.

By using our materials, we hope that your students will become more personally invested in their own artistry while they create, perform, and interpret. And through their discovery-based study of the Core Works, we aim to expand students’ artistic sensitivity, enhancing their own perceptual skills to last a lifetime.

For more information, please email [email protected]